A New Series: Conversations

I’d like to introduce Conversations, a series of posts with videos in which we have a brief, basic, and friendly conversation about various concepts, features, functionalities and frequently misunderstood parts of Salesforce.

In essence, watching these videos should feel like you asked a knowledgeable friend to explain something to you in understandable terms, you yourself not necessarily being technical. My goal here is that watching these videos, you can start to become more knowledgeable about the software industry and about Salesforce and about its many nuances.

I’ll usually try to answer the following high level questions:

  • What problem does this solve for an organization?
  • Who might utilize this?

The series will start with high-level concepts regarding technology, cloud computing, and salesforce itself. As we continue, we will begin to dive deeper into products, features, and specific functionalities.

I hope you guys enjoy this series and I am always curious to hear feedback as well as suggestions. I’d like to reaffirm that these videos will not include tutorials and screen captures – again, they’re simply conversations.

That’s all, cheers! Check out the other Conversations here.

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