Dataloading with Workbench


Salesforce data loading is something we all might have to do at some point, be it within a production org or a testing environment. In fact, my first task ever working with Salesforce was to orchestrate the loading of over 2 million records into a demo Salesforce org. It was quite the trial by fire.

There are a number of different tools which can facilitate this process, all of which I hope to make videos for in the near future. My personal favorite, however, is Workbench. It has no unnecessary frills and works fast and delivers any errors to you in a descriptive manner after attempting to complete the whole operation. In this video I show you how to load a list of nearly 800 leads into Salesforce in a matter of seconds, with no unnecessary software to download and few, if any, manipulations required to the raw data itself.

Oh, last note! I also made a video showing how I generated the mock data that I used in this video. I used a tool called Mockaroo, and I show you how in this video.

Video Breakdown

We will learn how to…

  1. Format a basic CSV file to load into Salesforce
  2. Utilize Workbench to map CSV columns to object fields
  3. Load our data and see the results!

Hope this helps!

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