Generating Mock Data with Mockaroo


For use in a recent video about data loading using workbench (another super useful tool), I generated a CSV full of data that I could insert into Salesforce.

So, in this video I show you a quick look into how that’s done.

A quick disclaimer…

I’m a big fan of Mockaroo and have been using it for a while, but I want to mention that this is just my personal endorsement; this in no way is sponsored content and I don’t work with or for the good folks at Mockaroo.

Why Fake Data?

I often require fake data beyond what’s supplied within a standard developer org or within a developer Sandbox, where there are often zero records. When this happens, I find that using a tool called Mockaroo is often the quickest and easiest way; I can generate a schema which I can even save and reuse later and generate tons of records at once which I can later insert into Salesforce.


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