Sandboxes for Law and Order

Q: What’s a Sandbox in Salesforce?

A Sandbox is a copy of your org where you can make changes, write code, break things, and generally see what happens without disrupting users who depend on Salesforce day in and day out.

Developers and administrators of Salesforce use Sandboxes to develop and test new solutions before they go “live” – ie. before they are handed over to end-users. A Sandbox provides a copy of your “production” (live) org so that you can really easily test in an environment that perfectly recreates the live org your users are in. Once a solution has been developed and tested in a Sandbox, it can be migrated to a production org using a Change Set.

Sandboxes come in different types and might be used for different purposes. For an overview of deployment best practices using Sandboxes, check out Pushing Changes Properly. For a deep dive into Sandboxes, their different types, how to create one, and how to develop something and migrate it to production, check out my post titled Sandboxes & The Hippocratic Oath.

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