What’s an App?

Q: What’s an app, or application in Salesforce?

Similar, and yet very different from an application on your phone. Start by forgetting about tapping an icon on your home screen.

First, let’s cover what a “tab” is. I could make a separate entry about tabs, but I’m not sure it merits its own discussion if it can be explained in a few moments. A tab is an element of the user interface that you’re probably already familiar with.

Here are some in the Lightning interface:

And here are some from the Classic interface:

An application, or app in Salesforce is simply a collection of tabs in an order you specify. You might make an app to group tabs together which are often used together – like leads, opportunities, accounts, and contacts, which make up the core of a standard sales process.

Imagine a sales representative who just converted a lead to an opportunity, and now he or she wants to email one of the contacts on the related account to schedule a meeting. Clearly for our sales rep, it makes sense that we might have these tabs grouped together into an application to facilitate this process.

It’s worth mentioning that tabs don’t only have to be related to objects — they can also lead to custom pages, such as Visualforce pages, Lightning components or pages, and even external web applications can be embedded in a tab.

Last but not least, to make an application you need to provide a name, an optional logo, and choose which tabs to include.

That’s all, cheers! Check out the other Conversations here.

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